Be a contender

The lending process can be confusing and be full of unknowns... until you have an experienced lending partner in your corner. It's like a corner-man who actually boxes your opponent for you. Then at the end of the fight, you get the victory. And when you're standing there in your living room with your hands raised, you'll wonder why you hadn't refinanced before.


Lender Partners

While we specialize in providing potent refinance leads, we also qualify our Lender Partners. Through the years, we have gravitated to mortgage bankers who put people first. All of our Lender Partners are thoughtful people first. Through the years, we’ve assembled a team of Lender partners and have provided refinance leads for them since 2009.

Our dynamic team of Lender Partners benefit from qualified refinance leads. When we say qualified, we mean thoroughly verified. We verify phone numbers, email addresses, property addresses, and loan servicer.

All leads have shown interest in refinancing and have made an affirmative opt-in to receive contact from our Lender Partners.

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Your Mortgage Rate Search Process

  • Timing

    Be sure the time is right for you.


  • Financials

    Collect proof of income and tax documents.


  • Closing

    Your lending partner will take the lead until the papers are signed.


  • Plan

    Write your target closing date on your calendar.


  • Partner

    We'll connect you to the best lending partner for you.



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Our relationship with you began when you provided your contact information while searching for products, and/or services – in your case, Mortgage Refinancing. You opted-in to receiving emails, texts, and/or phone calls. Your information was then matched to qualified Lenders.

If you no longer wish to receive texts or phone calls from our affiliate partners, the process to opt-out is simple. Just fill out the opt-out form above and your contact information will be removed from our database within the next 24 hours.

If you are in contact with a Lender and are working toward refinancing. Be sure to contact them and give them permission to contact you before you opt-out.